Prospettiva Financial is a boutique wealth management firm headquartered in San Francisco, California. We help our clients make incremental progress toward achieving their goals by providing thoughtful advice and thorough analysis. Our planners each have over 20 years of wealth management experience helping hundreds of clients with their intricate financial lives.

We work with clients to grow assets, prepare for the future, and navigate transitions. We each have unique strengths which, when employed in concert with the strengths of our clients, help goals get further faster.

Employees at Prospettiva Financial bring their values to work. Our firm donates thousands of dollars each year to charitable organizations that address poverty abatement, financial literacy, and help ensure the planet has a future.

We are passionate about helping people focus on long-term goals that align with their values.


Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the
complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity.
- Charles Mingus

Prospettiva (prospet’ tiva) Italian, noun, fem,

  1. perspective; perspective over time
  2. view; in perspective
    “La prospettiva è di tale natura ch’ella fa parere il piano rilievo.” (Leonardo da Vinci)
    The art of perspective is of such a nature as to make what is flat appear in relief.
  3. prospects; “Che prospettive hai?” What are your prospects?
  4. distinguished financial planning firm headquartered in San Francisco, CA offering trustworthy partnership, fiercely objective advice and an integrated long-term perspective for clients nationwide.

Sean and Holly both studied fine art and film before developing their passion for financial planning; this shift challenged previous belief systems and expanded horizons.

There’s definitely been a change in the way I perceive value. I don’t think there’s a lot of value in something that is merely beautiful to look at. Value comes from enriching your life. Working through why a thing is beautiful is much more valuable than the original, topical definition of beauty. Before I got into it, I thought financial planning was about making wealthy people richer. But it’s not really about that. It’s about helping people understand what’s valuable to them. And focusing on that instead of all the stuff they can’t control.

- Sean A. Fletcher, CFP®, AIF®


I liked being a production manager and making things come together, but I found that my organizational skills were much more appreciated in financial services than in the film industry. For me, financial planning is like making a film, because it takes a lot of time, energy, detail, and focus to pull all these disparate elements together. You also have to incorporate all of the people involved. I believe that everyone needs someone to hold them accountable.

- Holly Gillian Kindel, CFP®, CLU®, CPCC®, FBS®, FFC®

People We Work Best With

We help clients achieve the goals that they feel are important. In our experience, the most successful client relationships are with those that have already committed to making things better. Such people understand that long-term, strategic financial planning can bring about their best lives: it can help them become more thoughtful about what they have. Sifting through their values and developing achievable goals can help proactive people create future efficiency.

Change Comes from Within

Engaged clients know their values and are capable of articulating what they want to achieve. They are “delegators” who understand their unique strengths and feel comfortable handing the rest to specialists.

Our ideal clients are amiable people: authentic, hardworking, good-humored, and self-aware. They are naturally curious, fearless about asking questions, and they use us as an educational resource, a thinking partner, and a professional nudge.

It’s a definite plus if you understand the value of coaching.

A coach can’t keep you from your bad habits; only you can do that. A coach can tell you how to get to good habits, and those being coached must participate in the process. For example: if you want to get into running, you can have a running coach. They will tell you how much to run and what to eat to take care of your body as you run, but that coach can’t run for you. You do the running. The coach can’t make you run. The coach can show you the way and help you as you build strength and endurance over time.


Meet the Team

Sean Fletcher


Founder, Partner, and Financial Planner

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Holly Gillian Kindel


Managing Partner and Wealth Advisor

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Eric Joynt


Financial Planner Associate

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Jiliane Patriarca

Operations Manager

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