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Transparency and context matter. Founded in 2005, Prospettiva Financial is a proud Registered Investment Advisor.


Our fees are outlined in our disclosures, linked below, and in our client agreements, which we discuss with prospective clients in our initial meetings.

Here’s an overview:

The Financial Planning Agreement and its Fees

Under the Financial Planning Agreement, we assist in meeting your financial goals through planning and consultation. The FP Agreement focuses on the first year of our engagement, and we only collect this fee in our first year. Ongoing financial planning services are covered under the Wealth Management Agreement.

When we begin our engagement, we charge an upfront fee specifically for financial planning. (Ongoing financial planning advice is covered under the Wealth Management Agreement.)

The upfront fee is based on the scope of the work we’ll be doing. It does not exceed $20,000. The financial planning fee is billed in two installments with 50% due in advance and the remainder due after 6 months.

The Wealth Management Agreement and its Fees

Under the Wealth Management Agreement, we assist you with ongoing financial planning plus investment management. We continue to evaluate and provide advice, and we build and manage a portfolio of investments.

We charge a percentage fee which is based on the value of the assets in your account. The fee is annualized but is deducted from your account on a quarterly basis.

Our fee is based on the size of your total portfolio. We offer a breakpoint for larger portfolios. The highest fee we would ever charge is 1.25%, annualized, on the aggregate value of the entire portfolio you hire us to manage.


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Legal Disclaimer

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