Holly Gillian Kindel


I sincerely appreciate how my profession allows me to work with people to develop financial practices that work for them, tailored to their needs and temperament. Most folks can’t “afford” their dream life if they follow traditional belief systems, but if they become thoughtful about what they have and what’s important about it, and work to understand their motivations, they can find and grow what they need.

Holly Gillian Kindel CFP®, CLU®, FFC®, FBS®, CPCC®

Managing Partner and Wealth Advisor

One of the great joys of working with a variety of people is discovering creative ways to enhance and empower our lives through harnessing the energy of money.

My 30 years of experience have shown me that folks who learn from life’s many transitions – recent career success or unexpected detour, impending financial independence, or sudden windfall – the people who learn the lessons that inevitably accompany these transitions are the folks who will enhance their ability to live life to the fullest. Each time you successfully navigate a major life transition, you restock your toolbox and expand your capacity to master change.

I became financially literate out of necessity. At age twenty-five I had my first and most shocking experience of “money silence” when a poorly communicated estate plan thrust me and my family into emotional turmoil and forced me to learn about the logistics of money. My grandmother’s death was a financial flashpoint that fundamentally changed my life’s trajectory. It ultimately changed for the better. Over time, I developed a practice that served high net worth clients and provided pro bono services to the working poor. I spent seven years as the Pro Bono Director of the San Francisco chapter of the Financial Planning Association. I taught personal financial planning at Golden Gate University. I continue to gather financial or co-active coaching credentials and keep my planning practice current while expanding its depth and reach.

Month by month, year by year, I pull the thread and reweave the quantitative and the qualitative aspects of money into a tapestry I can interpret and use to guide others. And they, in turn, guide me. I have both empathy and compassion for whatever your money challenges are. I haven’t forgotten being one of the only women in my first financial planning class, feeling too ashamed to ask a question. I also know that we can all learn skills and build habits if we’re willing to systematically apply our existing talents in new ways.

The amount of change really depends on what you can handle and how receptive you are to growing your perception of the world. You need to know what’s best for your circumstances, which means being open to expert opinions and exploring whether they apply. I come to work every day for that perspective shift, and for the true appreciation our clients have that results from applying specific, efficient priorities to financial lives over time.

When I am not at work, I am still challenging myself in a variety of ways: I enjoy trail running, practicing Aerial or Bikram yoga, meditating, chanting, spinning fire, and spoiling my beloved chihuahua, Bamm-Bamm.

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