Sean Fletcher


I am fortunate to have a very fulfilling career that brings me joy and lets me know that I can provide value to people I care about. Providing visual evidence to our clients of the long-term positive net results of the decisions they make over time is really empowering and rewarding.

Sean Fletcher CFP®, AIF®

Founder, Partner, and Financial Planner

When Prospettiva was founded in 2005 under its original name, Rhodes and Fletcher, it had an estate planning and insurance focus. The firm has evolved. We developed a more balanced, collaborative approach to our portfolio management, one that paved the way for a hands-on partnership with clients. Today, Prospettiva’s team each brings experience that complements each other as we work in cadence to fine-tune the financial lives of our clients. We excel at aligning your plan with your values and your objectives. Together, we look at the behavioral, personal side of finance, as well as the objective, analytic elements. Prospettiva is most effective when we’ve helped our clients develop the confidence to make thoughtful financial decisions.

As Charles Ives said, “Every great inspiration is but an experiment.”  Twenty-two years ago, I landed a part-time job selling life insurance. As an artist, I was interested in understanding the emotional aspects of financial transactions. I soon realized that I was not going to be a very good life insurance salesman – meeting quotas and sales targets wasn’t the structure for me.  Despite this, I found the financial literacy and problem-solving tools taught to life insurance professionals very valuable. When I left Northwestern in 2001, I quickly and happily transitioned to a career in fiduciary-focused financial planning, receiving my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ credential soon thereafter. I am involved with the East Bay chapter of the Financial Planning Association, and I am currently a board member of the East Bay Estate Planning Council.

As an exhibiting fine artist and playwright, I collaborate with my wife, artist Isabel Reichert. I appreciate how the creative process helps shape ways of looking at things spatially, constructively, and yes, logically. I feel this has had a positive influence on my work in personal finance. Over the years, I have taught workshops to students at UC Santa Cruz, Mills College, and I am a frequent lecturer at CCA. I designed the course “Financial Basics for Creative Entrepreneurs” for the San Francisco Art Institute. I have volunteered as a guest curator for arts organizations nationwide and am a former board member of The San Francisco Arts Commission.

I also love spending time with my wife and son. The three of us have always shared a love of the outdoors. We enjoy backpacking and hiking, and we are all very dedicated to environmental restoration. The objective when visiting the wilderness is: “leave it better than you found it.” You pack out other people’s trash that you find along trails, discarded where it doesn’t belong, and you respect the forest and the things that live there.

Continually, I aspire to find more ways to dedicate time to volunteering and community outreach. I am fortunate to work with clients who are also willing to give back to their communities through volunteering or making their money work for the charitable causes they care about most. I know the work we do with one client can have a positive impact on many more people that I will never even meet.

Leave it better than you found it.

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